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Dear Colleagues:
Over the past few years, many patients and their physicians in China have been trying to get medical second opinions from Chinese-speaking physicians in USA .  To help these patients and their physicians to access US medical services, a group of physicians in USA have established SeeDoctorsInUSA, an internet platform that connects Chinese patients and their physicians with Chinese-speaking medical experts in the US.  SeeDoctorsInUSA allows US physicians to provide high quality medical advice to Chinese patients and their physicians through internet, telephone or video conferencing.
Medical experts at SeeDoctorsinUSA are all highly qualified Chinese-speaking US board certified physicians.  They are an outstanding group of experienced physicians with a passion for patient care.  If you are a Chinese-speaking board certified physician, passionate about patient care and interested in providing medical advice to Chinese patients, you are invited to join SeeDoctorsInUSA. 
By joining us, you will enjoy:
  • Great Compensation:  Our physicians are compensated for their time and services at a competitive rate.  These services include chart review and providing clinical advice. 
  • Convenient Work Environment: Our physicians work as much or as little as they want from anywhere with internet access.
  • Malpractice Waiver:  Any advice provided by SeeDoctorsinUSA physicians is used only as a reference by the patients and their local treating physicians.  The final medical decision will be made by the patients and their local treating physicians.  The local treating physicians bear sole responsibility for any treatment outcome.  Physicians from SeeDoctorsinUSA cannot be held liable for their advice or recommendation.
  • No Overhead Expenses: Our physicians do not need to rent an office, hire staff or purchase office supplies.
  • Improving Patient Care and Access: Ultimately, it is a very rewarding experience for our physicians to help Chinese patients access modern US medical services.
If  you are interested in joining us or need more information, please feel free to contact us.
Sincerely yours

Zhensheng Li Ph.D., M.D.

CEO and President
Z&L International Medical LLC

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